[Pride 2020] Revisiting Hellbent With Director Paul Etheredge —

At the beginning of quarantine, I had the pleasure of having a Skype interview with the writer and director of Hellbent (2004), Paul Etheredge. Hellbent is widely considered the first openly queer slasher film and in recent years has seen a growing in appreciation. Sixteen years later, Etheredge is just as proud of his work as when it was released. One can tell that this film is his baby; he deeply cares about it and its legacy. In honor of Pride Month, I found it fitting to sit down with this

5 Horror Films You Should Watch To Understand America Today

First, bit of context. Created in 2006 by sexual assault survivor and activist Tarana Burke, the #MeToo movement really took off in 2017. It was initially driven by famous actresses bringing attention to the now convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein's years of sexual abuse. The purpose of the movement was to inform the world of the degree of this issue that many women have faced in their lifetime. It's against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement that we need to understand Leigh Whannell’s The

Memorising Movements: Mamafesta Memorialising takes the Project Arts Centre stage | DDF 2020 Edition 19-31 May

Critically acclaimed choreographer Philip Connaughton is proud to present Mamafesta Memorialising, premiering at Project Arts Centre Wednesday 19 – Saturday 22 February. Mamafesta Memorialising looks to continue the story of his last piece, Assisted Solo, which blended performance, spoken word, and digital elements to show the changing relationship between Connaughton and his mother, Madeleine. Madeleine suffers from dementia, resulting in a change within their family dynamic that Connaughton e

The What Next dance festival takes over Limerick February 6-8, 2020 | DDF 2020 Edition 19-31 May

Full of passionate performances and immersive talks and workshops, the What Next dance festival brings together dancers from all over the world to Limerick. For the third consecutive year, Dance Limerick is proud to present the What Next Festival this February 6-8. Offering a variety of dance performances, workshops and discussions over several locations in Limerick city, What Next is sure to be an entertaining and enriching weekend. Not sure what to expect? Unsure if this is an event is for y

Their holistic program spans the Atlantic

Seamus Keane and Eoghan O’Kelly are combining the discipline of the gym and the benefits of Ireland’s rugged outdoors for the benefit of their U.S. clients Eoghan O’Kelly and Seamus Keane, originally from Kilkee, County Clare and Louisburg, County Mayo respectively, are pursuing careers in holistic health, and this in one of the most health conscious and health demanding places on earth. O’Kelly and Keane have opened Hanuman Health Club, a fitness club that takes a “balanced and mindful approa

Ex-cop’s novel based on real NYPD officer

Edward Conlon became established with his “Cop Diary” in the New Yorker magazine and his memoir “Blue Blood.” His latest novel, “The Policewomen’s Bureau,” is about female cop who wants to make a real difference in the NYPD. Author Edward Conlon combines history and personal experience in his most recent novel, “The Policewomen’s Bureau.” His passion for history and law enforcement came from within his family. His father “was a fanatical reader, primarily of history” and after serving as a Mar

Irish landscape inspires Carney

Rosie Carney, who has made to NPR’s top 100-song list, will return to the U.S. to record some new music. DANIEL ALEXANDER HARRIS / SACKSCO.COM Musical artists draw inspiration from numerous aspects of their life to create their art. One of Rosie Carney’s biggest inspirations is Ireland. The UK-born singer-songwriter moved to Ireland when she was 10 years old. At just 21, the songstress has had success in the world of music. Currently signed to the independent label Akira Records, Carney has pe

Road trips, world records and the American Dream

Dave Browne, left, and Dave Rooney are the Black Donnellys You may have heard of the Black Donnellys, the Irish duo made up of Dave Rooney and Dave Browne. Residing in Las Vegas, the band had broken a Guinness World Record for the longest concert. Not satisfied with just this, the two men decided to break another. Rooney and Browne decided to perform 60 concerts in all 50 states in 35 days. On their journey, they took a camera crew to document their music, misshapes and the people they meet al

Hurray for Hollywood horror

Dublin-born, L.A.-based director Ciarán Foy is looking to Irish myth and folklore for new movie ideas. The glamour of Hollywood is something that captivates most people in their youth. Many have aspirations to be involved with the silver screen, even to be immortalized on film forever. This is a difficult goal to reach, of course, and even more elusive if you are from outside of the United States. Irish filmmaker Ciarán Foy, however, has achieved that seemingly impossible objective. Foy has ri

Cartoons That May Have Sparked Your Interest in Horror

There are many ways people are exposed to the horror genre. Some may be inducted by an older sibling. Others may have been lured in by an interesting looking VHS Tape or DVD cover from a rental store. Then there are those that are fortunate enough to have been exposed to the genre through cartoons. There have been many horror-inspired cartoons over the decades, however some stand out more than others and have had a wider reach. Read on for Five Cartoons That May Have Sparked Your Interest in Hor

Lt. gov. reflects on Irish roots

In south Buffalo, the streets are given traditional Irish names and covered in shamrocks. This is where Kathy Hochul, the lieutenant governor of the State of New York, found her beginnings. Hochul, born Kathleen Courtney, is a descendant from a large Irish family from County Kerry. Her father’s parents met in Chicago after arriving in America in 1919. Her grandparents happened to be from the same village in Kerry, though they met for the first time in the American Midwest. They moved to Buffal

McCabe in Amazon film festival

Daniel James McCabe paints a searing portrait of sexual assault in his short film “Shadow Puppet.” In addition to directing this film, McCabe wrote the script and served as producer. “Shadow Puppet” is centered on a young couple, Leda and Will, as they deal with the aftermath of a sexual assault. McCabe’s wife, Emma Ishta, stars as Leda, the main protagonist of the film. The film has garnered praise at film festivals and is now being considered in Amazon Prime Video’s All Voices Festival. The

Reilly’s ‘Danni’ is up for Amazon award

It’s awards season! Well, short-film awards season, specifically the Amazon All Voices Film Festival. Amazon Prime video is hosting its first ever film festival celebrating underrepresented communities. This short-film festival (the films are being streamed through June 24) has contestants from all over the United States. They are being considered for a grand prize of $25,000 and a paid trip to Amazon Studios in Culver City, Calif. Four other winners will receive a $10,000 royalty bonus. All fi

Harrington’s strings stretch into Jazz, Pop

Classical violinist Gregory Harrington’s newest album, “Without You,” is another stride in an ever evolving career. “Without You” is Harrington’s step into the world of classic jazz and pop music. Filled with intense, touching, and new renderings of well-known songs, Harrington shows his ability to conquer numerous musical genres. The album includes Harrington’s own renditions of popular songs such as “With or Without You” by U2, “Hallelujah,” by Leonard Cohen, and “The Nearness of You,” by No

Hamden forcing out-of-state cars to register in town

The town of Hamden is home to around 61,000 people, but during the school year, Quinnipiac University adds about 10,000 more to the population of Hamden. Many of the vehicles owned by Quinnipiac students are registered out of state, causing Hamden to take a loss on motor vehicle taxes. Connecticut Conference of Municipalities has noticed that many out-of-state vehicles are not registered within towns and has been a problem throughout the state. Towns such as Waterbury, Bridgeport, Danbury, New

Homelessness in New Haven: Optimistic for the future

One of the major services within the city of New Haven are shelters. The Columbus House in New Haven shelters the homeless in New Haven, offering 81 beds every night. The Columbus House relies heavily on volunteers to help prepare and cook meals for the people who come through their doors. The Columbus House works along with the city to help with prevention and rapid re-housing. “We have a very good collaborative relationship with the City of New Haven,” said Hebe Kudisch, Chief Program Office

Timeline/Graphics: How a QU professor got caught in a sex sting

Following the incriminating video of a Quinnipiac University finance professor who appears to be looking to have sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy, an online sting operation has been brought to light. The sting netted Dr. Thomas Coe, an associate professor and chair of the finance department. Coe, who has been suspended pending an investigation, but not arrested, began teaching at Quinnipiac in 1999. After extended online conversations posing as a minor, the head of an organization know

George Logan, Jorge Cabrera debate local issues

Candidates for Connecticut's 17th senatorial district debated in front of a filled Thornton Wilder Auditorium on Wednesday night. Incumbent State Senator George Logan (R-Ansonia) and Jorge Cabrera (D-Hamden) discussed issues such as gun laws, the declining state economy, tolls, minimum wage, and recreational marijuana legalization. The League Of Women Voters sponsored the debate and Ray Andrewsen, of WQUN-AM, served as moderator. Citizens and town officials alike were present in the auditoriu

San Jose Sharks Trade History: Best and Worst Trades of All-Time

The History of Trade is a mini-series going through each team’s best and worst trades of all time. Each team has their own history and some may cross over, but the series will try to stick to each team. This article will focus on the San Jose Sharks trade history, finding the best and worst of all time. San Jose Sharks Trade History: Best and Worst Trades of All-Time In late November of 2005, the Sharks acquired the talented power forward that is Joe Thornton from the Boston Bruins. The Shark
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